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Accounting Solutions AS Ltd has a growing reputation as one of the region's most effective accountancy firms for Companies, Sole traders and partenerships.


Our firm expertly attends to all your taxation and business queries. Thanks to the established expertise of our experts, our dedication and many years of experience in consulting and assessment, we can offer you support that you can rely on both with standard matters concerning your enterprise and complex business management assignments. We thus value highly the loyal consultancy of our clients. Quality consultancy based on experience: learn all about our firm's philosophy, priorities and tradition.



What do we do?

We provide accounts, bookkeeping, Payroll and many other services so as to give you ease from worrying about HMRC and Companies house matters, so that you can concentrate on your business.



Leave it to us

Businesses these days require full concentration so you do your business and let us worry about your books and accounting records.

We are here to provide you almost all kinds fo accountancy services to Limited Companies, Sole Traders & Partenerships. 


We'll keep you updated

Our Professional team will keep you updated with all important dates and deadlines, new regulations and new options available for your business. So that to give you an ease of tention about remebring important dates.





Are you up to your eyes in paperwork, struggling to keep on top of it, spending more time on your admin than on making money?

If you are finding your paperwork too time consuming, then let us take it off your hands.

You give us your invoices, bank statements, supplier paperwork, etc.

We process it for you.


We prepare your accounts, complete your VAT return, give you advice on key performance indicators, even give you an on-going idea of your tax liabilities, so there is no nasty shock at the end of the year.

You get your paperwork back, nicely organised, to store in the attic for at least six years!

If you do get a HMRC enquiry into your accounts or VAT returns it makes it much easier for us to handle it for you if we have completed the bookkeeping.


Another option to consider, if you don’t want us to take the paperwork from you, is for us to visit your office and complete the bookkeeping on site. That way, you have all paperwork on hand, you can access the accounting records on your own computer and produce your own reports any time you want to.




There are all sorts of ways we can help you with VAT:

  • Advise whether you should be VAT registered or not.
  • Assist in registering you or your company for VAT.
  • Complete the bookkeeping for you and then complete your quarterly VAT return.
  • Give us your books and we’ll do the VAT return for you.
  • Ensure a VAT return deadline is not missed, using our unique diary system. This means you won’t get penalties for late submissions.
  • Advise what VAT scheme is the ideal one for you.
  • Attend HMRC VAT inspections or hold them at our office if we have completed the bookkeeping.


Annual Accounts


You need accurate accounts provided on time.

  • Annual accounts must be accurate for obvious reasons:
  • Give you a true picture of how your business is performing.
  • Ensure your self assessment tax return is completed accurately.
  • Give you the vital tax position that will be due.


We pride ourselves on the accuracy of the accounts we produce. We will work closely with you to ensure we have all the relevant information to do this. We also pride ourselves on our unique diary system to ensure your accounts will be produced to an accurate deadline, once all the information has been received. This means that the sooner you give us your information, the sooner the accounts can be finished and you can be given your tax position in plenty of time to pay it.




Our specialists will assist you in the management and Bookkeeping of your business.


Our team of Experts will do all vat workings and submissions. We will provide you with detailed guidence about vat management. 


Our Professional Team will help you managing your payroll from start.

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